atonement (2021)

atonement, 2021
(7.37 min, colour, digital, single channel)

‘atonement’ is a moving image project that queries both the historical and contemporary anthropomorphic relationship between narrative and perception.

“other bodies and body-like things make us aware of our own being… what is that fear but the fear of our own annihilation? self-dissolution permits the atomised subject to become part of a larger force field.”
 laura marks, enfoldment & infinity

“in particular, i learned that what we might do better is to refer to ‘education’ as initiation, particularly as africans. because in these societies in the kingdom of kongo, education consisted of an initiation process into a master script containing the truths of that society. and when the community felt under threat, it used these initiation ceremonies with children in order to reinforce its self-conception.” 
sylvia wynter, what will be the cure?

“in a way when we count we are saying “me, me, me and many more of me!” what is beyond me and my size and form is measured in basic terms of me. the edge is the limit of me. when we get to that edge, we go back into ourselves and just say everything is more of me.” 
arnold mindell, quantum mind