hey babe longtime let me know when you’re free to catch up soon (2020)

hey babe longtime let me know when you’re free to catch up soon, (2020)
6 channel, loop

‘hey babe longtime…’ is an experimental 6 channel film, designed for continuous replay on loop, using entirely found footage to explore the seemingly inseparable nature of material existence and duality, invoking and summoning provocations towards alternative cosmologies. emeke explores her ongoing interest in the helical nature of reality by extending this line of inquiry within the form itself, choosing to create a six channel piece, with moving images often presented in pairs via two channels at a time, mirroring the six components that form helix dna in the human body, with each piece of dna containing 2 strands each. emeke is simultaneously pulling from process-orientated psychology theories of primary and secondary processes as a theoretical framework for her exploration. emeke weaves together beauty influencers, gaming, shamanism, quantum physics and technology, through repetition and careful juxtaposition of harmonious and disjointed audio-visual textures, to form a meta embodied reflection of the pendulum swing that matter commands; of recall and recoil, of remembering and forgetting, of an infinite returning. emeke allows chaos as well as harmony to emerge across screens, that both settle and unsettle the viewer at time, eschewing linearity and immediate legibility in favour of divergent glimpses of beyond/before/after/within ‘the break’.

“it’s not just the abolition of slavery, it’s also in a certain sense the abolition of freedom, insofar as freedom and slavery are so bound up with one another. insofar as the abjection of the figure of the slave is inseparable from the exaltation of the figure of the master, or the figure of sovereignty. so, it’s an abolition of sovereignty. it’s an abolition of a certain horrible and brutal individuated notion of freedom. and it’s an abolition of the world that is constructed on that conceptual framework.”
– mice magazine, fred moten

”if i were to write honestly… i would tell you how for months i stopped writing or opening doors because it was me, on the other side, wanting to be let in.”
– there’s an anger that moves, kei miller