herenowthenwhat (2020)


herenowthenwhat (2020)
single channel, digital, 17.19 mins

title inspired by the jamaica kincaid novel ‘see then now’, ‘herenowthenwhat’ is an experimental film that explores the helical and paradoxical nature of reality itself through the prism of the black diasporic experience in london by utilising film collage, essay and experimental methods. in particular, pulling from wynter, the work speaks to the caribbean genre-specific ontology that inherently informs ‘black british’ modes of being, that are consciously and unconsciously re-embodied, re-enacted and continue to evolve through and within a new diasporic british context, perhaps to a parallel end; incidental, necessary and involuntary formation of ‘new’ cultures and identities full of irresolvable paradoxes and contradictions in response to continued displacement. ‘herenowthenwhat’ is an audio-visual embodiment and exploration of these processes of resistance, transmutation and alchemy, and the conditions which necessitate them, postulating primordial metaphysical, esoteric and arcane origins that predate time and matter themselves.

“with courage and discipline, you notice that you are a secondary process for the whole.”
– arnold mindell, the shaman’s body

“you think you really want this ghost of a chance you fishing for?”
wilson harris, palace of the peacock

“only when they are viewed by the seven colored mind of discrimination do the seven colors appear.”
masanobu fukuoka, the one-straw revolution