strolling (2014-16)


strolling (2014-2016)
twenty seven episodes, various lengths, colour, digital

the new yorker

strolling is a documentary series that follows the dialectical ruminations of people of the black african diaspora whilst walking within their locality. as well an exploration of a comprehensive and complex diasporic dialectic, as the series began in london and expanded to paris, amsterdam, brussels, milan, new york and kingston, covering various subjects, the series also explores the physical manifestations of these intimate discussions. emeke, who was the cinematographer and editor on this project, takes a deliberately subjective approach, lingering her lens on the fleeting and subtle secondary processes that emerge manifest through hands, feet, gesture and positionality to the space in which each interviewee walks, whereby physical and emotional vulnerability and depth are made possible in this series by emeke either filming with subjects alone, or with only one other person present.