ackee & saltfish (2014-16)


ackee & saltfish (2014-16)
short film, digital, colour, 18.09 mins
six-episode web series, digital, colour, various lengths

ackee & saltfish is a short film that explores urbanism within london, through the prism of an intimate friendship between two black women, rachel & olivia. the narrative begins as a journey to pick up takeaway food on a sunday morning, after rachel forgets to soak the saltfish. the ways in which london is experiencing gentrification are not only explored through this physical and metaphorical narrative journey of the characters, but are also embedded within the form and medium itself, as emeke, who was the cinematographer and editor on the project, utilizes extreme shallow depth of field, together with constantly oscillating and fluid focus pulling, that physically swallows and immerses the characters, often losing them to a sea of bokeh, speaking to their tenuous positionality within and to the city.

in 2015 emeke created a web series consisting of six short-form episodes that further explored the sacred intimacy between the two friends, rachel and olivia, further unfolding the fleeting moments that bloom within ephemeral, liminal and unexpected spaces: moments before an interview, at the breakfast table, warming up on a tennis court, among others, as sites of modern, contemporary, unconscious and yet embodied sites of rituals of kinship. this closeness unfolds on the screen via a dry, morbid and sometimes extreme wit that is characteristic of black london culture, functioning as a vehicle of connective propinquity.